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About Us

Who is Richmond Rosenberg Roofing?

A trusted local company for over 20 years, Richmond Rosenberg Roofing is the solution to all your roofing needs. Whether you need a few wind-blown shingles replaced or a completely new roof installed, we are ready to make it happen.

What is Richmond Rosenberg Roofing’s Service Area?

Richmond-Rosenberg Roofing serves Richmond, Rosenberg, Missouri City, Sugar Land, and Katy, as well as Houston and its surrounding communities.

What does Richmond Rosenberg Roofing do?

We are tops in our field for any and all types of roofing services. We are experts at new construction, roof repair, renovation and remodeling, roof inspection, and all-weather emergency call-outs. We work on any kind of structure that has or needs a roof, from industrial warehouses and machine shops to backyard in-law cottages to barns and horse stables. Big or small, simple or complex, your problems and plans are Richmond Rosenberg’s opportunity to provide you with excellent customer service.

What are Richmond Rosenberg’s Priorities?

At the top of our list is customer satisfaction. We assist you in choosing the best roofing option for the best price, making your roof both affordable and attractive. Quality workmanship is also extremely important to us at Richmond Rosenberg Roofing. We want our sterling reputation to keep shining, so we make sure the roofing services we provide are excellent.

Safety is also important. Our on-site supervisors and roofing professionals adhere to or exceed the safety and health regulations laid out by the communities we work in. We never leave your property after a job until the entire area is cleared by our safety experts.

We’re Here for You No Matter What

Whether your roof needs a small repair because a tree branch scraped off a few shingles or a complete overhaul after a hurricane, Richmond Rosenberg Roofing will be at your door to advise you on what’s to be done and estimate the costs. Whether the problem is caused by hazardous weather conditions or your next-door neighbor, we are ready to help you explain things to your insurance company or someone else’s. So if you need help—Richmond Rosenberg Roofing is ready!